Prepare to be challenged! Panic Porcupine combines loop-de-loop momentum platforming action with wall to wall obstacles for an edge of your seat adventure like no other! Sharpen your skills on the first 10 stages as you rescue the chickabirbs from the evil Dr. Proventriculus. Track down the hidden eggs if you're a completionist or replay stages to tighten your speedrun times!

-Full game will feature over 50 Stages! Construction Sites, Haunted Canyons, Snowy Peaks and more!

-Infinite Lives; You'll use 'em!

-Completionists Rejoice: There's EGGS to collect!

-Take on Dr. Proventriculus himself in brutal boss battles!

-Help Panic overcome his anxiety by subjecting him to frequent decapitations

-What are you waiting for? The chickabirbs must be rescued!


Download 53 MB
Version 1.02 40 days ago


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I don't know what key to press to get past this screen. I tried Enter, Spacebar, Clicking, and Arrow Keys and nothing happened.

It's Z (the Jump button) to start levels and X (Roll button) to go back a screen

Ah, that worked, thank you!