A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The cover shooter anyone can play!

You are Zap, an alien who has always dreamed of saving the galaxy. When robots invade your planet, you're super-psyched and ready for anything! Zap Blastum caters to both hardcore and casual gamers with its intuitive cover shooter gameplay, mouse-only controls, and action-packed tactical combat.


Play in full screen or in a small window. Like all those classic desktop games bundled with Windows, this is about taking a break from your busy day – but instead of sweeping mines or arranging tiles, it's your chance to SAVE THE GALAXY!


The game explores impostor syndrome, the tendency to attribute our earned success to luck or deception. Deep down, Zap is haunted by self doubt, and the robots know how to take advantage of it. Your mission is an internal one. You can be a hero. Don't listen to the voices that say "No."


Streamlined controls bring the typically complex cover shooter genre to anyone who can use a mouse, without losing the depth. Hide in cover and automatically lean around corners while shooting.


This is a shooter that's not afraid to be cheerful. Not everyone's into dark and gritty space marines. Zap doesn't fit the stereotype. The robots will never know what hit 'em!

Blast through over 20 levels and try for high scores with combos and streak multipliers. You get unlimited continues if you want them, but it resets your score.

  • Explore 20 levels that span across 5 planets.
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack that mixes orchestral, rock, and dubstep genres.
  • Experience online co-op, endless mode, and a level editor!
  • Fight 10+ types of robot enemies.
  • Rack up huge points in the online leaderboards and earn big rewards for combos and streaks.
  • Unlock new features to discover more secrets.


Zap Blastum is still in development. In addition to completing the remaining levels, we are also planning additional features like online co-op, endless mode, and an in game level editor. We'd love to add PvP too, but that will probably depend on the game's success.

Zap Blastum is not available publicly yet. Join our mailing list to be notified when it becomes available.