A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A twin-stick cover shooter with lock-on targeting!

You are Zap, an alien who has always dreamed of saving the galaxy. When robots invade your planet, you're super-psyched and ready for anything! Zap Blastum brings third-person shooter cover gameplay into the top-down twin-stick world. It's action-packed tactical combat unlike anything else.


Snap into cover and automatically lean around corners while shooting. Just select a target and lock on -- we've removed aiming from the equation so you can focus on your macro strategy.



This is a shooter that's not afraid to be cheerful. Not everyone's into dark and gritty space marines. Zap doesn't fit the stereotype. The robots will never know what hit 'em!


The game explores impostor syndrome, the tendency to attribute our earned success to luck or deception. Deep down, Zap is haunted by self doubt, and the robots know how to take advantage of it. Your mission is an internal one. You can be a hero. Don't listen to the voices that say "No."

  • Explore 20 levels that span across 5 planets.
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack that mixes orchestral, rock, and dubstep genres.
  • Fight 10+ types of robot enemies.
  • Rack up huge points in the leaderboards and earn big rewards for combos and streaks.
  • Every playthrough is different, with upgrades, weapons, and more to discover.
  • Take a break from your busy day and shoot some robots.
  • Save the galaxy with a friend in local co-op!


Zap Blastum is still in development. We're working on polishing the AI, weapons, and upgrades, and finishing up the levels.


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